Provide diamond core drilling and diamond drilling services to the Mexican industry, through our competent human capital, market experience, knowledge and equipment in excellent operating condition and reliability.

Meet the needs and expectations of our customers by providing timely service according to their work programs, as well as adherence to legislation, regulations and other applicable requirements.


Guarantee a safe and healthy environment for the prevention of injuries and health deterioration of our workers, in the field workstations and in all technical and administrative support processes, including the external personnel involved, avoiding damage to our infrastructure.

We are committed to:

· Comply with all legal and applicable requirements.
· Eliminate hazards, control and reduce occupational safety and health risks.
· Continually improve occupational safety and health performance.
· Ensuring all our collaborators participate.


We satisfy the needs of our clients with an integral system of continuous improvement to guarantee the care of the environment and the integrity of our collaborators.

Quality: We are certified in a system of development, implementation and certification of an ISO-9001:2015 quality management system to meet the requirements and expectations of our clients.

SASST: We have an Occupational Health and Safety Management System under the ISO-45001:2018 scheme, as well as the second level certification in Self-Management.

Ecology: We comply with federal, state, municipal and other legal requirements in environmental matters.

Training: We have instructors certified by CONOCER for the continuous delivery of training courses, mainly in the areas of Safety, Maintenance and Operation.

Quality: We evaluate our facilities and workstations with the 5S program on a permanent basis, with the purpose of having a continuous improvement in all areas.