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About us

Causa was founded in 1978 as a service company for mining and geological exploration, as well as for the development of mining and civil works.

Our Core Business.

Core Drilling

Surface and underground drilling, with core recovery.

Raise Boring

Large diameter drilling.

Sonic Drilling

High frequency drilling, used for geologic exploration of mineral deposits in low range depth and medium hardness terrains.

Our 40+ experience lies in the exploration of all types of materials and in most of the Mexican territory. We have worked with a variety of minerals including coal, hematite, magnetite, copper and disseminated gold deposits as well as non-metallic minerals such as barite, dolomite and phosphorite.

We have participated in the construction of the biggest hydroelectric projects in México, drilling the exhaust ports and air-shafts.

We now about drilling.

T. 52(871) 750 0035